We have spread ISMEK’s teaching centers to the smallest districts of Istanbul. All the Istanbulians are welcome.
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Introduction Training Center: ATAŞEHİR KÜÇÜKBAKKALKÖY
Branches: Activities For Children Aged 3-6, Sewing Clothes for Children Between 6-12 Ages, German Level A1, German Level A2, Doll Making, Glasswork Making, Epilation And Massage Techniques, Dowry Preparation, Chocolate Making And Presentation, Lacework, Decorative Wood Ornamenting, Decorative Home Accessory Preparation, Decorative Cover And Case Sewing, Elocution, Marbling, Dress Sewing, Chinese Needle by Hand, Handmade Ribbon Work, Wire Wrapping by Hand, Real Estate Consultancy, Skirt Sewing, Home Cooking, Taking Photograps/ Photo Shoot, Blow Dryer, Painting In Guajhe, Plaiter, Needlelace, Making Flowers by Needle Lace Stitch, English A2, English A1, Communication in Business Life, Sewing Interior Sewing For Women, Pattern Making For Women Clothing, Top Sewing For Women-4, Patchwork, Stout Leather Bag Making, Stout Leather Belt Making, Cookie Dough Production Techniques, Reading Quran (Elifba), Reading Quran (Tajwid), Making pasta and its sauces, Macarons Production And Presentation Techniques, Turkish Work onMachine, Manicure And Pedicure Techniques, Making of Meze appetizers, Bed Linen Sewing, Making of Ottoman sherbet drinkts, Wedding Candy Embroidering, Trousers Sewing, Apprentice Pastry Cook, Making milky desserts, Sugar Dough Making And Decorating Techniques, Jewelleries(Gutted-Nailed-Knitted-Knotted), Make-Up, Oud, 3 Dimensions Shaping, Cake Baking, Bedcloth Sewing,

Vatan St. No:6  Fatih / İstanbul
Phone:0212 531 01 41(pbx)   Fax:0212 534 85 38
ismek @ ismek.org

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