The excitement for registrations has started at İSMEK Fashion School, having the same name with Çolpan İlhan who was popular as a fashioner as well as an actress. The Fashion School, which provides education through its staff consisting of experts in fashion sector for those who are willing to make a career in the fashion sector and to develop themselves in this area, is waiting for new students during this period.

06 March 2017

In addition to various fashion trainings, the seminars are also organized by İSMEK Çolpan İlhan Fashion School, which was established as a result of the cooperation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Alışık family and in which important people in the profession participate as speakers. Thanks to these trainings given at the course center opened for the memory of Çolpan İlhan, young and successful fashioners are aware of the new dynamics of the area.


Çolpan İlhan Fashion School, which was opened as the part of the fashion education project initiated with the cooperation of İSMEK and Alışık family in the first year of Çolpan İlhan’s death, increased the number of classrooms as of the new academic year and also has weekend training for students and employed people in some branches.
Styling, Modelling, Sewing Techniques, Computerized Styling in Fashion Design Educational Field; Pattern Drawing Techniques, Pattern Making for Women’s Clothes, Pattern Making for Men’s Clothes, Wedding Dress Design, Computerized Bag and Shoe Design, Computerized Fabric and Printing Pattern Design, Fashion Photography, Personal Fashion Styling, Pattern Drawing for Children’s Clothes are among these branches.

Çolpan İlhan Fashion Design Programme

The school, which has 29 branches in total, also has a Department of Fashion Design. Under this name, Styling, Modelling, Sewing Techniques, Computerized Styling courses are provided. The program supports the design and production stages of products with practical trainings in textile sector, one of the leading sectors of Turkey. In this respect, we train qualified designers who are technically, aesthetically and professionally competent. In the program, students are provided with practical training on fashion design, pattern preparation and sewing processes. However, in order to be able to produce the patterns they design, the producers are trained to be able to give all necessary technical information and instructions to the operating personnel. Thus, students gain the ability to design, implement and to help others implement.

Students who have the opportunity to come together with famous designers and names in the sector with short seminars and interviews during their training, benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

At İSMEK Çolpan Ilhan Fashion School, where 2834 people applied for training last year, trainings are free of charge like all other trainings of İSMEK. It is necessary to register in Çolpan Ilhan Fashion School which is open to all who want to continue their career lives in the fashion sector, and who want to improve themselves in this subject via It is sufficient to apply personally to the course center with the photocopy of ID after the pre-registration process.

Address: Mecidiye Cad. No:2 Mecidiyeköy Kat 6 Şişli
Telephone: 0212 213 75 27

Click here to get detailed information about and register at Çolpan İlhan Fashion School.

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