Registration period for İSMEK Bakery and Pastry School has started. The school aims at training qualified staff to be employed in every stage of bakery and pastry sector. Those, who want to register for the school with all kinds of technical equipment and master staff and who will train in Davutpaşa, can apply online through İSMEK's official website which is Those who are eligible to complete and graduate from the school will be able to receive certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education.

15 March 2017

İSMEK aims to provide qualified employees to the labour market in line with the needs of its vocational trainings. It also draws attention with its special trainings to sectors as well as Vocational Expertise Centers. İSMEK, Baking and Pastry School, which is aiming to train the Çolpan İlhan Fashion School in the fashion sector, the Retail School in the retailing sector and the Culinary Arts School in the catering sector are also preparing to train people to become employed in the bakery and pastry sector.

İSMEK Bakery and Pastry School which is located on a modern camp in Davutpaşa on a 12.000 m² area, 3.500 m² of which is the closed area equipped with all kinds of technical equipment, started to receive registrations for the new education period. Those who would like to be trained in the school that aims to train the staff to be employed at every stage of the bakery and pastry sector can apply online via ISMEK’s official website Applicants who receive practical training with mentoring system in the school and graduate successfully, may obtain certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education.

Bakery Trainings

At İSMEK Bakery School three levels of bakery training in will be provided. Short-term workshop trainings will also be provided. Certified 1st Level Basic Bread Training / On-the-Job Trainings will be given as 216 hours of training in "Basic Bread Making" branch; Participants will be trained in "Bread Production (440 hours)" and "Pizzeria (288 hours)" under the title of 2nd Level Intermediate Level Trainings as well.

At İSMEK Bakery School, 3rd level training programs after which a participation certificate will be given are as follows:  "Types of French Bread (60 hours)", "Types of English Bread (40 hours)", "Types of Italian Bread (40 hours)", "Types of German Bread (80 hours)”  “Types of Russian Bread (40 hours)", " Bread Styling (40 hours) ","Master Baker Training ", " Assistant Master Baker Training".

The topics of short-term workshop trainings are as follows; “Making Bread by Using Prebiotic Yeast and Sourdough (16 hours)”, "Types of Hamburger and Sandwich Bread (16 hours)", "Types of Savory Buns (16 hours)", "Salty Muffin (8 hours)", " Types of Breakfast Bread (8 hours), "Types of Turkish Bagel (20 hours)", " Types of Pitta (12 hours)", "Salty Muffin (8 hours)".

Pastry and Confectionary Trainings

İSMEK Bakery School will be providing two levels of training in bakery education, where initial training for those who are new to the profession in the field of baking and those who are already working in the profession will be able to develop themselves. Apart from these trainings, there will also be short-term workshop trainings, such as in bakery.

Students who will be able to receive training in the branches of "Cake Making (280 hours)" and "Apprentice Pastry Cook (152 hours)" in the first stage of Basic Pastry field, will also be able to be trained in the following branches in the second stage professional trainings with attendance certificate: “Assistant Pastry Cook (808 hours)”, "Boutique Cake Making (320 hours)", "Chocolate Modelling (80 hours)", "Basic Dough Making Techniques (120 hours)".

The short workshop trainings of the Pastry and Confectionary field are as follows; “Techniques for Making Macaron (4 hours), "Cup Cake, Muffin Making (4 hours)", "Chocolate Making and Presentation (4 hours)", "Cookie Dough Making Techniques (8 hours)", "Sugar Dough Making and Decorating Techniques (8 hours), "Sharp-Edged Cake Making (16 hours)”,  "Flower Modelling By Sugar Dough (16 hours)", "Figure Modelling (8 hours)", “Flower Making By Using Buttercream (4 hours)”, “Dyeing Techniques on Model Cake (8 hours)”, “Pop-cake Making and Decoration Techniques (8 hours)”, “ Mini-Cake Making and Presentation (8 hours)”, “ Making Ice Cream-Sorbets and Presentation (8 hours) ","Types of Milk Puddings from World Cuisine (8 hours),”, “Types of Sweet-Salted Tartlets”, “Types of Cheesecake and Making Cheesecake (8 hours)”, “Types of Meringue and Making Meringue (8 hours)”, "Gluten-free Pastry and Cake Training (8 hours)".

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