Yesterday, today and tomorrow… The Exhibition titled “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/ The Adventure of Endeavour” is opening on 5th January. The works of ‘İSMEK Fokus Group Design Workshop', consisting of experienced trainers and students of ISMEK, will be exhibited at Naval Museum under the consultancy of academician designers. The "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/ The Adventure of Endeavour" exhibition, bringing together the craft, art and the design, combines the traditional and the contemporary ones. The three-part exhibition will be available until February 25th.

03 January 2018

İSMEK helds an exhibition named "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/The Adventure of Endeavour " with 22 years of experience in art education. The exhibition which is going to be opened at the Naval Museum on January 5th 2018 Friday, has been the result of a four-month feverish study. Consisting of academician designers of Yıldız Teknik and Bilgi Universities, İSMEK Fokus Group Design Workshop was established with 40 experienced trainers of ISMEK for the exhibition. The workshop for “Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/ The Adventure of Endeavour” exhibition brought many traditional arts such as calligraphy, illumination, ceramics and kât’ı (paper engraving)  together with contemporary designs to reveal fairly original works.

First Exhibition of the "Design City"

İSMEK’s "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/ The Adventure of Endeavour" exhibition is of great importance as it is the first exhibition that emphasizes collective endeavour on craft, art and design together with the recognition of Istanbul as a "Design City" approved by UNESCO.
Sergi’nin liderliğini Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi Sanat ve Tasarım Fakültesi’nden Doç. Dr. Seza Sinanlar Uslu, Bilgi Üniversitesi Mimarlık Fakültesi Endüstri Ürünleri Tasarımı Bölümü’nden Aslı Kıyak İngin ve Ayşenaz Toker yaptı. İSMEK’li sanatkârlar tarafından, zanaat ile sanatı buluşturan 27 farklı branşın birbiriyle harmanlandığı 100’e yakın tasarım oluşturuldu.
The curatorship of the exhibition has been performed by Yildiz Technical University Art and Design Faculty Assoc. Dr. Seza Sinanlar Uslu, designed by Aslı Kıyak and Ayşenaz Toker from Bilgi University, Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Products Design. Around 100 designs were created by blending 27 different branches bringing craft and art together by the artisans of İSMEK.

Here is The Adventure of Endeavour at this Exhibition

Under the title of "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow/ The Adventure of Endeavour ", for the exhibition which is about "the adventure of art", an innovative approach has been realized by modern designs and works addressing the world of today and tomorrow. "Yesterday", the first part of the exhibition, which is composed in three sections, offers examples of traditional values that we do not want to deteriorate and which we want to carry forward. In "Today" part, there are designs that are bridges between yesterday and today and where our craftsmen exhibit their mastery. The third and final section of the exhibition, "Tomorrow", offers art lovers the chance to witness the works of ISMEK Fokus Group Design Workshop covering the process and the final products. Each design gives us an idea of what our craftsmen can produce in the future, adhering to tradition.
The exhibition to be held at Beşiktaş Naval Museum on Friday January 5th at 19:00 will be free of charge until February 25th. In addition to the exhibition tours accompanied by the curator during the exhibition, there will also be a roundtable meeting with two sessions on January 6th 2018.

Detailed information about exhibition events is below:

January 6th Saturday / Time 14: 00- 15:00 Naval Museum

First Session: "About The Adventure of Endeavour"
Moderator: Seza Sinanlar Uslu
Speakers: Aslı Kıyak Ingin, Ayşenaz Toker, Dilek Ak Sevim, Selvihan Balkan, Özgü Karcı and Kudret Karahan
Second Session: "An overview of “design” in relation to “art” in the 21st century "
January 6th Saturday / Time 15: 15- 17:00
Moderator: Seza Sinanlar Uslu
Speakers: Karin Beate Phillips (President of the British European Design Group), Sertaç Ersayin (Industrial Designers Foundation of Profession - President), Aslı Kıyak Ingin (Architect-designer) and Ayşenaz Toker (designer)

During the exhibition, free tours accompanied by the curator will be held on the designated days and hours below.
January 7th – 14th  at 14:00
February 10th and February 17th at 14:00

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